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3 Years CTF
3 Years CTF

Celebrating Three Years of Creative Thought

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Auction Goals

We are grateful for your contribution to SAR, which helps advance creative thought and innovative work in the human sciences and Native American arts, so that new ideas can flourish.

If you missed the event on August 28, you can still watch the event below:

Donate today to support high quality and relevant online programming!

Your investment now and in the coming months will continue to provide crucial support for new and innovative online programming that promotes a deeper understanding of issues of social concern during these unprecedented times.


“People have always been at the center of our mission —bringing scholars, artists, and people together as we expand the boundaries of creativity and explore what it means to be human.” –Michael F. Brown, President

Thank You to our Sponsors for this Event 

Susan Foote and Stephen Feinberg  

Tom and Anne Conner
Creative Fundraising Advisors

Ellen Boozer and Mike Daly
Ken and Elaine Cole
Elizabeth and Jim Roghair
Dave Rossetti and Jan Avent
Jerry and Paula Sabloff
Brian and Suzanne Smith
Ken Stilwell
Diane and Peter Vennema
Lynne Withey and Michael Hindus

Dorothy Bracey and Tom Johnson
Anne Chognard and James Ammerman
Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP
Louise Lamphere
Ann and Russ Morton
Doug and Pat Sporn

Restaurant Sponsors
Atrisco Cafe & Bar
Dinner for Two
El Nido
Fiesta Oaxaca
Gruet Winery
Paper Dosa
Santa Fe Bar & Grill

Special Thanks to our Event Planning Committee
Dorothy Bracey
Anne Chognard
Ken Cole
Joe Colvin
Tom Conner
Bekki Cook
Susan Foote
Louise Lamphere
Ann Morton
Julie Rivers
Elizabeth Roghair
Jerry Sabloff
Brian and Suzanne Smith

A special thank you to members of the Founders’ Society and our business sponsors who support SAR’s position as a national leader in generating cutting-edge work in the social sciences and Native American arts through the Creative Thought Forum.

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