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The Psychology of Women under Patriarchy

The contributors study the psychological underpinnings of patriarchy to improve the lives of women and men globally.

How Nature Works

The authors push ethnographic inquiry to develop a language for thinking about how all labor is a collective ecological act.


Governing Gifts

This collection seeks to understand how faith and organized religious charity can be mobilized to govern populations and their practices.

Negotiating Structural Vulnerability in Cancer Control

What does it mean to be structurally vulnerable, and how are quotidian experiences of structural vulnerability influenced by a cancer diagnosis at various points in the continuum of care?

Puebloan Societies

Puebloan sociocultural formations of the past and present are the subject of the essays collected here. The contributors draw upon the insights of archaeology, ethnology, and linguistic anthropology to examine social history and practice, including kinship groups, ritual sodalities, architectural forms, economic exchange, environmental adaptation, and political order, as well as their patterns of transmission over time and space.


Costly and Cute

Helpless Infants and Human Evolution

The authors take a broad look at how human infants are similar to and different from the infants of other species, at how our babies have constrained our evolution over the past six million years, and at how they continue to shape the ways we live today.

SAR Press entered into a publishing partnership with the University of New Mexico Press in 2015. All orders are now handled by UNM Press, and future titles will bear the imprints of both SAR Press and UNM Press. Through this alliance SAR can offer its books to a wider audience while maintaining high standards of service and scholarship.

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