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Founders’ Society

The Founders’ Society is SAR’s premier giving circle comprised of individuals with shared interests in intellectual pursuits and artistic creativity. Membership mixes friendship and philanthropy to benefit SAR and its social impact in the world.

Founders' Society Event

Dinner at a Founders’ Society event.

Members of the Founders’ Society support SAR’s position as a national leader in generating cutting-edge work in the social sciences and Native American arts through the programs of the recently launched Creative Thought Forum.

The goal of the Creative Thought Forum is for SAR to bring to Santa Fe exciting and inventive thinkers whose work illuminates topics of broad public concern, ranging from climate change and growing social inequality to the unanticipated risks posed by new technologies.

Founders’ Society members are invited to private luncheons, dinners, receptions, and other exclusive events. If you are considering joining the Founders’ Society, please contact Laura Sullivan, Director of Development, at 505-954-7238 or sullivan@sarsf.org.

SAR gratefully acknowledges its current Founders’ Society members:

Dorothy Bracey and Tom Johnson
Anne Chognard and James Ammerman
Ken and Elaine Cole
Joe and Bunny Colvin
Tom and Anne Conner
Mike Daly and Ellen Boozer
Eric and Barbara Dobkin
Ronald and Susan Dubin
Susan Foote and Stephen Feinberg
Brian L. Foster
Gregory Ghent and David Clough
Richard and Pamela Hanlon
Lynne and Joe Horning
Lawrence and Betsy Kilham
Don and Jean Lamm
Louise Lamphere
Wilson and Gwyn Mason
Ann and Russell Morton
Douglas and Brenda Nelson
Dorothy Noe
Lauren and Larry Prescott
Douglas and Christine Preston
James and Barbara Robins
Elizabeth and Jim Roghair
Dave Rossetti and Jan Avent
Pamela Saunders-Albin
Barbara and Ted Seeley
Scott and Kimberley Sheffield
Don Siegel and Liza Meyers
Bert ǂ and Colleen Spencer
Gerald Stiebel and Penelope Hunter-Stiebel
Kenneth E. Stilwell
Samuel and Susan Stone
Lynne Withey and Michael Hindus
David and Sheila Young


Join Us

For more information, please contact Laura Sullivan, director of development, at (505) 954-7238 or sullivan@sarsf.org.

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