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Legacy Giving

“One of the most gratifying experiences for me has been to know that my late husband Jack and I have made gifts to the School that will outlast our lifetimes.”
—Marge Lambert, whose bequest provided funding to build residences for additional SAR fellows

Estate gifts provide a critical source of financial support for the School for Advanced Research. Each year, such gifts account for nearly 35% of SAR’s operating budget. Previous gifts have created SAR’s campus, endowed a Native American fellowship, funded an annual prize for scholarly writing, augmented our Indian Arts research collection, and provided general support to the School. You may choose to give a planned gift because:

  • You want to continue to make a difference through SAR’s work beyond your lifetime
  • You feel you can make a larger gift down the road than you can make today
  • You can earmark a gift for a specific program, or allow SAR to allocate it where it is most needed.

There are many ways to make a gift, including transferring cash or other tangible assets—such as real estate or Native American art—through a bequest, a retirement plan, life insurance, or a charitable trust. Gifts can take the form of a specified dollar amount, a percentage of assets, or the residual of an estate. No gift is too small. SAR has also teamed up with the Santa Fe Community Foundation to offer donors the ability to establish charitable gift annuities, allowing supporters to make a gift to SAR and still receive an income for themselves or others. If you would like to receive further information about estate gift options, please call Laura Sullivan, Director of Development, at (505) 954-7238 or send an e-mail to sullivan[at]

El Delirio Legacy Circle

Including SAR in your estate plans brings you membership in the El Delirio Legacy Circle. All members of El Delirio—after the name the White sisters gave to their estate, now SAR’s home—are invited to an annual private event and conversation with SAR’s president. Members are also invited to occasional special activities, and are acknowledged in the Annual Review and on our website. If you already have named SAR in your estate plans, please let us know. Notifying us of your bequest now allows us to understand and honor your intentions and steward your gift as you would wish. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

SAR thanks the following individuals who currently have included us in their estate plans. We wish to thank them for helping to ensure the future of the School.

Anonymous (10)
Keith K. Anderson and Barbara Lenssen
John S. Catron and Laurie Archer
Dorothy H. Bracey
Michael F. and Sylvia Brown
Benjamin F. and Sally Crane
Dean Falk
Dr. Steven Feld
Susan L. Foote
George J. Gumerman
Anna Hargreaves

Philip T. Holliday
Patricia Kuhlhoff
Don and Jean Lamm
Julie S. Rivers
Don L. and Sally Roberts
Elizabeth and James Roghair
James E. Snead
Kenneth E. Stilwell
David E. and Cynthia M. Stuart
Diane Vennema
Betty and Luke Vortman

The following is a partial list of people since 1907 who supported SAR through their planned giving.

Frank Applegate
Mary Austin
Blythe Baebler
Lewis Barker
Ann Baumann
Jane Baumann
John Bodine
Gladys Butler
Margaret A. Cargill
Mrs. Jose E. Chavez
Peggy Pond Church
Flora Conrad
Eleanor Crosby
Leonora Scott Musé Curtin
Popovi Da
David Davenport
J. Rick Dillingham
Mary McCune Edwards
Rose Evans
Kenneth James Ewing
Mary B. Forsyth
Laura Gilpin
Davis Given
Oriol Grand-Girard
Edgar Lee Hewett
Gene Hodge
Ruth Holmwood
Percy Jackson
Carl and Wilma Jensen
Helen Miller Jones
Karl Kernberger
Marjorie Lambert

Katrin H. Lamon
Laughlin Estate
Boaz Long
Eleanor Long
Marian Love
Lindsay A. Lovejoy
Cyrus McCormick
Florence B. McCormick
Robert M. McKinney
Robert McManus
Faith Meem
John Gaw Meem
Julie Michel
Mabel Morrow
Helen North
Leonora Paloheimo
Dean L. Peterson
Anthony Pomeroy
Florence Pomeroy
Mary Pool
Estelle Rebec
Paul Resnik
Teresa L. Schulze
Christine Semine
Rosemarie Shellaberger
Leo A. Shifrin
J. I. Staley
Dorothy Stevenson
Lydia J. Trowbridge
Mrs. Ralph Emerson Twitchell
Amelia Elizabeth White
Robert Young

El Delirio Legacy Circle Sponsors

SAR gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors for their generous support for El Delirio Legacy Circle Events.

Vivac Winery