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From left to right: Far and Away Spirit, X-Spirit, Aukong (meadow). Clay, paint, wood, 2017.

Each of these figures is coiled and carved, then fired at around 1200 degrees F. They are made from a combination of Micaceous and Santa Clara clays.

According to Nora Naranjo Morse:
The three pieces are abstracted expressions of spirituality, culture and connection to the land. The small, red coated, carved form (pictured on the right) represents rebirth. This piece also speaks to our cultural continuum and the importance of safe guarding our future. The black and turquoise piece (pictured on the left) represents our cellular connection to the spiritual that is always within us, no matter where we go, what we become. There is a mystical kind of energy to this piece that has no name. It is the energy of the other, the unknown, the stories of human journey, of healing and rhythmically breathing in and out with ease- especially when we are mindful. The largest piece that is carved on a reddish background (pictured in the center) represents the earth. She is the essence of guardianship, ours her’s and, it is in that relationship we build other value systems. Together they articulate my connection to the land, my spiritual connections and rebirth.”

Nora Naranjo Morse is in the unique position of holding two fellowship positions at SAR: first in 1988-1989 as the Katrin A. Lamon artist fellow and again in 2000 as the Ronald and Susan Dubin fellow. With a career that spans several decades, media and continents, Nora’s work constantly pushes the boundaries of Native American Art.  Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at numerous museums and she continues to explore issues of environment, culture and the social practice of making art with community.

For her significant impact on not only the IARC and its people, but also on the art world as a whole, and her ability to challenge ideas of what it means to be an artist while still remaining grounded to her community, IARC is pleased to honor Nora with its first Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

Value: $3,500

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