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Manuscript Submission

SAR Press welcomes proposals for scholarly and trade books in the following subject areas:

  • anthropology (all subfields)
  • culture, aesthetics, and change among indigenous peoples of the Americas
  • peoples and cultures of the American Southwest and Latin America, past and present

We are interested in work that deeply examines what are, broadly defined, local issues; work that complicates the linkages between theoretical inquiries and local problems, showing how subject, methodology, and text interact in provocative ways. First and foremost, however, we are interested in acute studies of the issues facing peoples in and around the Southwest—including but not limited to environment, education, sovereignty, language, migration—and how these issues relate to a people’s place in the world.

In all of our publications, we value writing that serves the mission of the press and thus the needs of many different readers. Writing should be clear and free of jargon without being reductive or simplistic. It should be flexible and able to generate connections not only between complex ideas and the scholars who work with them, but also with students, interested members of the public, and all others who participate in the social dialogue that we at SAR Press wish to foster.

We encourage authors to investigate SAR’s Resident Scholar, Advanced Seminar, and Native Artist programs. However, it is not necessary to participate in an on-campus event before submitting a book proposal.

Book proposals should include the following:

  • a brief prospectus (2,500 words or less) describing the work and its intended audience, the expected length of the manuscript, the number of illustrations desired, and the projected schedule for completion
  • a table of contents
  • the introduction or another sample chapter
  • the author’s or editor’s curriculum vitae

Please do not send complete manuscripts unless invited to do so by the Press.

Send proposals to:

SAR Press
PO Box 2188
Santa Fe, NM 87504-2188