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This stunning Pueblo sash by Louie Garcia is a remarkable example of the tight, fine weave for which he is known.  This multi-colored sash, featuring shades of teal, purple ombre, cream, black, was woven with a complimentary floated warp using acrylic yarn.

Estimated value:  $200

Pueblo sash by Louie Garcia, 2018. Acrylic yarn.  3 9/16” x 103”
In 2012, Louie Garcia was the Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow at the Indian Arts Research Center.  Louie is Tiwa and Piro Pueblo, from the Piro Manso Tiwa tribe of Guadalupe Pueblo in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Taught the art of weaving by his grandfather, Louie understands the importance of passing on his skills to future generations.

According to him: Through my weaving, I remember my ancestors. I am grateful for the legacy they have left me and my hope is to see that this legacy continues to be appreciated and that future generations of Pueblo people will carry on this ancient tradition.