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Promote Your Book

  1. Teach your book. Use your book as a required text in the courses you teach. This is not self-aggrandizing—you believed in your contribution enough to publish it and you know the material best, so teaching it makes sense. Course adoptions are very important to the overall sales health of your title.
  2. Create a special email signature. Put information about your new book in your signature block on outgoing e-mails. Everyone you correspond with will see it. SAR Press author Robert Rubinstein did:

    Robert A. Rubinstein, Ph.D., Ms.P.H.
    Professor of Anthropology and International Relations
    The Maxwell School of Syracuse University
    Syracuse, NY 13244
    315-443-3837 :voice
    315-443-3818 :fax
    rar@syr.edu :email
    Practicing Military Anthropology (Kumarian, 2012)
    Dangerous Liaisons: Anthropologists and the National Security State (SAR Press, 2011)
    Building Peace: Practical Reflections from the Field (Kumarian, 2009)
    Peacekeeping Under Fire: Culture and Intervention (Paradigm, 2008)

  3. Put a flier on your office door. We will send you a color PDF with information about the book, the author(s)/editor(s), and sales information.
  4. Tell a colleague about your new book. Your network will be important for future sales and potential reviews.
  5. Tell your university about your new book. Many institutions have newsletters—and the communications staff members are hungry for stories.
  6. Use your social network accounts to publicize the book. A Tweet, Facebook, or blog posting can go a long way in increasing visibility.
  7. Approach a local bookstore about hosting a talk and signing. SAR Press will work with the bookstore to ensure there are copies available for sale.
  8. Approach your institution about hosting a lecture.
  9. Buy a copy for your favorite graduate student.
  10. Contact your local newspaper and/or radio station and offer to give an interview about your work—and your latest book.

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