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Take a few moments to hear from four resident scholars as they reflect on their time at SAR and the power of collaboration:

In a world where conversations are becoming more polarized, how do we find common ground to solve the problems of our time? We invite you to join the conversation.

Today you can invest in the value of meaningful dialogue by providing the space and time needed for scholars and artists to come together in productive exchanges. 

Your investment ensures that SAR continues to provide one of the most unique learning environments in the country for anthropologists, social scientists and Native artists.

Your support means fellows in our programs have the time and space to explore challenging topics, discuss critical social issues, and expand their own creativity.

Your generosity makes it possible for our communities to enrich their lives by connecting with scholars, artists, and an extended network of innovative thinkers.

Héctor Beltrán

“Social and cultural issues are very important to some of the most challenging dilemmas we face in the United States and worldwide today.” 2018 Mellon Fellow

Steven Feld

“I’m proud to be doing my work at SAR where projects fusing the study of indigenous arts with critical social research have a unique and long legacy.” SAR Senior Scholar

Dawn Dark Mountain

“For the first time, I was able to give the time and concentration to my work that I had always desired. The resulting body of work is one of the pinnacles of my career.” 2015 Dobkin Fellow

By giving to SAR ...

You help fuel new ideas that address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

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