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The School sponsors two- to three-day Short Seminars that provide scholars with the opportunity to explore critical topics on human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression. These short sessions enable participants to assess recent developments and chart new directions on an anthropological topic as well as to plan additional conferences, symposia, publications, and/or research proposals.


The deadline for Short Seminar applications is February 1 of each year. Awards are announced in April and scheduled for the following academic year.
The short seminar selection process is guided by the School’s longstanding commitment to support research that advances knowledge about human culture, evolution, history, and creative expression. SAR views its mission, its scholars, and its attractive campus environment as the connective tissue that supports the kinds of research that underlie its national reputation.

Competitive proposals have a strong empirical dimension, meaning that they address the facts of human life on the ground. They also situate the proposed research within a specific cultural or historical context and engage a broad scholarly literature. Applicants should make a convincing case for the intellectual significance of their projects and their potential contribution to a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Each Short Seminar consists of up to 10 scholars—including one or two who serve as chair/s—who meet at SAR’s Santa Fe campus for a two- to three- day discussion. In preparation for the seminar, the chair is asked to identify discussion topics and may require participants to prepare and circulate papers. Following the seminar, the chair is required to submit a 1,500-word summary for use on the School’s web site and annual report.

Seminars are held in the School’s comfortable and fully staffed seminar house, which has a meeting room, dining room, kitchen, private bedrooms for participants, and a pleasant courtyard. Every effort is made to create an atmosphere in which participants can meet without interruption or distraction.

The School provides lodging, meeting space, and meals for up to ten participants. Travel support is not available for short seminars; please describe how these costs will be covered in the application.

For questions, please call (505) 954-7201 or email: seminar@sarsf.org