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“Indigenous Sisterhood,” (May 2018). Coiled waxed linen, hemp, size 13 glass beads. 6”h x 8.5” d.

An accomplished coil basket-weaver, Carol Emarthle-Douglas was the 2016 Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellow at SAR and the proud recipient of the Best of Show Award for the 2015 SWAIA Indian Market. Inspired by designs from the Northern Arapaho Plains style beadwork, ledger art and parfleche designs of her mother’s people, she has also incorporated the colors and patterns of Seminole patchwork influenced by her father’s Seminole Nation of Oklahoma heritage.

This intricately coiled basket woven with a figure eight stitch by Carol is titled “Indigenous Sisterhood” and is a tribute to Native American women throughout North America. Here, women dressed in their tribal regalia represent tribes from Florida to Alaska and all points in between. They hold hands to represent strength and resilience in the face of adversity past and present.

Value: $3,500

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