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During her artist residency at SAR, 2014 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellow and Hopi basket weaver Iva Honyestewa pioneered the pootsaya technique of basketry. A combination of the poota (coiled basket) and tutsaya (sifter basket), this new technique was a developed with the intention of brining Hopi communities together.  Iva is only one of two people in the world working in this technique!

Sit side by side with Iva as you learn first-hand about her revolutionary work. Watch as she begins to weave one of her masterpieces just for you.  Choose your favorite colors and design!

Estimated value:  $1,500

  • The winner of the auction will have the opportunity to visit with Iva Honyestewa in her private studio on Second Mesa for up to one day and collaborate on the design of their very own pootsaya
  • The basket will be designed together with the auction winner during the visit and then completed within forty-five days of the visit.
  • SAR will pay to have the completed basket mailed to the auction winner.
  • The basket will be 10-12” in diameter
  • Winner will contact Iva Honyestewa to schedule their visit at least two months in advance. Certain dates may not be available due to cultural obligations or art markets.

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