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Download a copy of SAR NOW, a bi-annual print newsletter that provides readers with stories that illustrate the range and ambition of the programs supported by the School for Advanced Research:

SAR NOW, Spring 2024, Issue 13
SAR NOW, Fall 2023, Issue 12
SAR NOW, Spring/Summer 2023, Issue 11
SAR NOW, Summer/Autumn 2022, Issue 10
SAR NOW, Winter/Spring 2022, Issue 09
SAR NOW, Spring/Summer 2021, Issue 08 
SAR NOW, Autumn/Winter 2020, Issue 07
SAR NOW, Spring/Summer 2020, Issue 06
SAR NOW, Autumn/Winter 2019, Issue 05
SAR NOW, Spring/Summer 2019, Issue 04
SAR NOW, Autumn/Winter 2018, Issue 03
SAR NOW, Spring 2018, Issue 02
SAR NOW, Summer 2017, Issue 01

We also use other means of communicating SAR’s mission, including our Annual Report, Twitter, Facebook, and monthly email newsletters. SAR NOW allows us to offer longer profiles of SAR-based projects and the talented people who undertake them.

This publication highlights SAR’s important contribution to innovative thinking and Native American artistic creativity.

Generous funding for SAR NOW provided by the Paloheimo Foundation.
SAR Now Spring 2024

SAR NOW, Spring 2024, Issue 13