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Hailing from Santa Clara and Pojoaque Pueblos, this stunning pot by Shawn Tafoya was completed in April 2018 in the style of the Galisteo Basin’s San Lazaro glazeware tradition. He writes, “The macaws and dragonflies on this pot represent the fertility and sacredness of summertime.  Clouds in their various forms encircle the exterior and interior spaces of the bowl.”

The clay body as well as the red and brown slips used for this bowl derive from traditional Tewa materials commonly used in the northern Tewa Pueblos such as Santa Clara and San Ildefonso.  The black painted designs were painted with crushed and powdered manganese nodules.



Shawn Tafoya was the 1996 Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellow.  A descendant of the renowned Tafoya family of Santa Clara Pueblo potters, he is a lifelong potter who is also well known for his fine embroidery work.

Value: $300

Bowl inspired by Rio Grande glazeware, 2018. Clay and natural pigments 8” d x 3.5” h