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Negotiating Structural Vulnerability in Cancer Control

What does it mean to be structurally vulnerable, and how are quotidian experiences of structural vulnerability influenced by a cancer diagnosis at various points in the continuum of care?

Exchanging Words

Language, Ritual, and Relationality in Brazil’s Xingu Indigenous Park

Exchanging Words asks how discourse, ritual, and exchange come together to mediate social relations close to home and on a global scale.

Aztec, Salmon, and the Puebloan Heartland of the Middle San Juan

The Middle San Juan is one of the most dynamic territories in the pre-Hispanic Southwest, interacting with Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde as well as the surrounding regions.

Puebloan Societies

Homology and Heterogeneity in Time and Space

Puebloan Societies demonstrates the value of reengagement among anthropological subfields.

New Geospatial Approaches to the Anthropological Sciences

New Geospatial Approaches brings together scholars who are currently applying state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and methods of geographical information sciences (GIScience) to diverse data sets of anthropological interest.
SAR Press entered into a publishing partnership with the University of New Mexico Press in 2015. All orders are now handled by UNM Press, and future titles will bear the imprints of both SAR Press and UNM Press. Through this alliance SAR can offer its books to a wider audience while maintaining high standards of service and scholarship.

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