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Seminars at the School for Advanced Research (SAR) promote communication among scholars and/or practitioners who are at a critical stage of research on a shared topic. Each seminar consists of up to 10 scholars — including one or two who serve as chair/s — who meet at SAR’s Santa Fe campus for three to five days of intense discussion.

Advanced Seminars

SAR’s renowned Advanced Seminar program convenes a group of scholars for a five-day seminar, the proceedings of which are considered for publication by SAR Press. Two or three Advanced Seminars are selected each year through a competitive application process.

Dining room, Schwartz Seminar House.

Research Team Seminars

With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Research Team Seminars assemble a group of scholars and/or practitioners who are at a point in their research when they need two or three days of sustained discussions about the project.

Short Seminars

Short Seminars last for two or three days and convene scholars and/or practitioners to discuss topics that can effectively be tackled in the shorter time frame. These seminars can be scheduled more rapidly than the Advanced Seminars.

Indian Arts Research Center Seminars

Over the years, the IARC has hosted many seminars relating to areas of its collection. The purpose of these seminars is to jointly advance the understanding of the collection and allow artists to interact and share their knowledge.