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The marriage of Northwest Coast art and American haute couture remains the exceptional achievement and creative expression of Haida clothing designer Dorothy Grant, who was awarded the 2007 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native artist fellowship at SAR. She notes, “As a young girl, my maternal grandmother taught me how to make traditional button robes and spruce root basketry. It was during that time that I learned the cultural meaning of the artistic traditions as a Haida woman. I now feel the need to return the knowledge to my communities.”

This is your opportunity to step out in your finest with this wonderfully luxurious set by Dorothy Grant. The set features a limited edition mink-trimmed cashmere shawl with wool raven and eagle appliqués, black “Half Moon” bag, and silver and black “Eagle in Flight” silk tie. The purse has a removable strap and features her iconic hands logo.

The shawl comes to us directly from Dorothy Grant while the tie and purse have been generously donated by their previous owner Lynn Brown.

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Dorothy’s work has been featured internationally in multitude exhibitions, was featured in the 2010 Winter Olympics,  and she has dressed several North American dignitaries and celebrities including, actor Duane E. Howard for the 2016 Academy Awards.  She is a member of the Order of Canada, the second highest honor for merit in Canada.

Value: $1,800

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