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Brian Vallo

Erik Fender

Many people know Brian Vallo (Acoma Pueblo) as the Indian Arts Research Center’s director since 2015. What most do not realize, however, is that Brian is also a painter. Enjoying experimentation with natural and recyclable materials he discovers on the New Mexico landscape, Brian creates mixed media works that celebrate aspects of Acoma material culture and symbolism.

Eric Than Tsideh Fender (San Ildefonso) comes from an illustrious family of potters which include his mother, Martha Appleleaf, grandmother Carmelita Dunlap, and great-grandmother Maria Martinez.  Eric is known for his contemporary takes on traditional Pueblo pottery and has won numerous awards including a Best of Division award at the 2017 SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market.

In an unprecedented partnership, Brian and Eric have come together to create an exciting one of a kind artwork that marries painting and pottery.  The painting will be 5 x 5” and made from acrylic and mineral paints on steel.  This multimedia painting will then be mounted on a micaceous clay base.

Value: $400