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Native American Artist Fellowships

2017 Dubin Fellow Loren Aragon

The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) offers three artist-in-residence fellowships annually to advance the work of established and emerging Native American artists. Each fellowship includes a monthly stipend, housing, studio space, a supplies allowance, full access to the IARC collections, and travel reimbursement to and from SAR. These fellowships provide time for artists to explore new avenues of creativity, grapple with new ideas to further advance their work, and strengthen existing talents.

The fellowships support diverse creative disciplines and can include sculpture, performance, basketry, painting, printmaking, digital art, mixed media, photography, pottery, writing, and film and video. However each fellowship has specific applicant criteria as indicated below.

Ron and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellowship (Jun. 15–Aug. 15)
The Dubin Fellowship is dedicated to supporting traditional Native artistry.

2018 – Nanibaa Beck
2017 – Loren Aragon
2016 – Carol Emarthle-Douglas
2015 – Melissa Melero-Moose
2014 – Anthony Belvado
2013 – Glenda McKay
2012 – Louie García
2011 – Brent Michael Davids
2010 – Duane Slick
2009 – Ulysses Reid
2008 – Jeffrey Gibson
2007 – Jason Garcia
2006 – Randy Chitto
2005 – Everett Pikyavit
2004 – Marcus Amerman
2003 – Elijah Naranjo Smith
2002 – Mateo Romero
2001 – Kalley Keams Lucero
2000 – Nora Naranjo-Morse
1999 – Alfred Lomahquahu
1998 – Diane Reyna
1998 – Gary Yazzie
1997 – Kevin Navasie
1996 – Shawn Tafoya
1995 – Angie Reano Owen
1994 – Lonnie Vigil

Rollin and Mary Ella King Native Artist Fellowship (Sept. 1–Dec. 1)
The King Fellowship is dedicated to preserving the Southwest’s extensive artistic heritage. Applicants to this fellowship must be from a Native community in the Southwestern United States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah) and work in the visual arts.

2018 – Gerry Quotskuyva
2017 – Warren Montoya
2016 – Lomayumtewa K. Ishii
2015 – Marlowe Katoney
2014 – Ehren Kee Natay
2013 – Will Wilson
2012 – Jonathan Loretto
2011 – Franklin Peters
2010 – Aric Chopito
2009 – Adrian Wall
2008 – Cedar Sherbert
2007 – Eliza Naranjo Morse
2006 – Connie, David, and Wayne Gaussoin
2005 – Ramson Lomatewama
2004 – David Bradley
2003 – Armand Fritz
2002 – Michael Bird Romero
2001 – Estella Loretto

Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native Artist Fellowship for Women (Mar. 1–May 31)
The Dobkin Fellowship encourages the creativity and growth of indigenous women artists working in any media.

2019 – Meghann O’Brien
2018 – Jordan Craig
2017 – Luanne Redeye
2016 – Kathleen Wall
2015 – Dawn Dark Mountain
2014 – Iva Honyestewa
2013 – Melissa Henry
2012 – Maile Andrade
2011 – Linda Aguilar
2010 – Marla Allison
2009 – Pat Courtney Gold
2008 – Erica Lord
2007 – Dorothy Grant
2006 – Christine Nofchissey McHorse
2005 – Evalena Henry
2004 – Suzan Shown Harjo
2003 – Teri Greeves
2002 – Gloria Emerson
2001 – Stella Teller

*The IARC fellowships are funded through the generosity of Ronald and Susan Dubin, Rollin and Mary Ella King, and Eric and Barbara Dobkin.





Download the IARC Native Artist Fellowship Application here. The deadline for applying to all artist fellowships is January 15 of each year. Applications must be postmarked by this date.

This application is for the Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellowship, Rollin and Mary Ella King Native Artist Fellowship, and Eric and Barbara Dobkin Native Artist Fellowship for Native Women.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying for the Dubin (June 15-August 15) or King fellowship (September 1-December 1), it is for the same calendar year as the application. If you are applying for the Dobkin (March 1-May 31) fellowship, it is for the following calendar year. For example, an artist submitting an application in 2019 can apply for the 2019 Dubin and King Fellowships, as well as the 2020 Dobkin Fellowship.

We are no longer taking applications for the Sallie R. Wagner Indigenous American Artists/Scholar Fellowship.


Frequently Asked Questions


Please read the Artist Fellowship FAQ first to see if the answer to your question is already available. If you have further questions, please contact (505) 954-7205 or poon@sarsf.org.


Collections Visits


Native artists are encouraged to visit the IARC collection. There is no charge for this visit, although reservations are required in order to ensure availability and space.


For more information, please contact: (505) 954-7205 or iarc@sarsf.org.



2013 Dubin Fellow Glenda McKay

2012 Dubin Fellow Louie Garcia

2017 King Fellow Warren Montoya

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