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Puebloan Societies

Homology and Heterogeneity in Time and Space

Edited by Peter M. Whiteley

Puebloan sociocultural formations of the past and present form the subject of the chapters collected here. The contributors draw upon the insights of archaeology, ethnology, and linguistic anthropology to examine social history and practice, including kinship groups, ritual sodalities, architectural forms, economic exchange, environmental adaptation, and political order, as well as their patterns of transmission over time and space. The result is a window onto how major Puebloan societies came to be and how they have changed over time. As an interdisciplinary project, Puebloan Societies demonstrates the value of reengagement among anthropological subfields too often isolated from one another. The volume is an analytical whole greater than the sum of its parts: a new synthesis in this fascinating region of human cultural history.

2018. 360 pp., 20 figs., 19 tables, 6 maps, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Joseph R. Aguilar, T. J. Ferguson, Richard I. Ford, Severin M. Fowles, Dennis Gilpin, Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Jane H. Hill, Barbara J. Mills, Scott G. Ortman, Triloki Nath Pandey, Stephen Plog, Robert W. Preucel, John A. Ware, Peter M. Whiteley

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Chapter One
Introduction: Homology and Heterogeneity in Puebloan Social History
Peter M. Whiteley

Chapter Two
Ma:tu’in: The Bridge between Kinship and “Clan” in the Tewa Pueblos of New Mexico
Richard I. Ford

Chapter Three
The Historical Anthropology of Tewa Social Organization
Scott G. Ortman

Chapter Four
Taos Social History: A Rhizomatic Account
Severin M. Fowles

Chapter Five
From Keresan Bridge to Tewa Flyover: New Clues about Pueblo Social Formations
Peter M. Whiteley

Chapter Six
The Historical Linguistics of Kin-Term Skewing in Puebloan Languages
Jane H. Hill

Chapter Seven
Archaeological Expressions of Ancestral Hopi Social Organization
Kelley Hays-Gilpin and Dennis Gilpin

Chapter Eight
A Diachronic Perspective on Household and Lineage Structure in a Western Pueblo Society
Triloki Nath Pandey

Chapter Nine
An Archaeological Perspective on Zuni Social History
Barbara J. Mills and T. J. Ferguson

Chapter Ten
From Mission to Mesa: Reconstructing Pueblo Social Networks during the Pueblo Revolt Period
Robert W. Preucel and Joseph R. Aguilar

Chapter Eleven
Dimensions and Dynamics of Pre-Hispanic Pueblo Organization and Authority: The Chaco Canyon Conundrum
Stephen Plog

Chapter Twelve
Afterword: Reimagining Archaeology as Anthropology
John A. Ware

Notations and Glossary