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July 10, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Eric S. Dobkin Boardroom, SAR
660 Garcia St
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Lindsay Archuleta

This salon has reached in-person capacity. Join us live on Facebook during the event at

Concluding the 2018–2019 Creative Thought Forum theme of tradition and innovation, SAR presents our Summer Salons: conversation-style discussions exploring topics of broad social concern with leading experts. Learn more about the Creative Thought Forum which invites participants into a meaningful dialogue with speakers and provides an opportunity for discussions on existing assumptions and evolving perspectives.

Salon Description

Where Wind Works: Documenting US and European Wind Turbines and Correlating Changes to the Landscape

Since 2011, photographer Bryan Steiff has tracked developments and uses of energy-generating wind turbines. From small applications and individual residential use to massive commercial wind farms, visualizing the current state of wind-use invites a dialogue around practicality, community impacts, environmental concerns, and political implications of this particular energy source.

Steiff says, “these dramatic symbols of renewable resources and green technology vividly evidence the hand of man on the landscape in a way not seen since the massive World War II infrastructure development in American and rebuilding of post-war Europe.”

Bryan Steiff is a photographer and author. Learn more about his Wind series here.

This salon has reached in-person capacity. Join us live on Facebook during the event at

Free to SAR members with priority registration given at the Chaco level and higher. If you are not a member at this level and would like to join or upgrade membership to participate, please join here. Limited to 25 people. 

To register contact Lindsay Archuleta 505-954-7231

Photo: Detail of Clines Corners, New Mexico (CCT0005) 2015, by Bryan Steiff.

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