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The Creative Thought Forum at SAR


In the summer of 2017, SAR launched a new initiative called the Creative Thought Forum (CTF). The goal of the CTF is for SAR to bring to Santa Fe exciting and inventive thinkers whose work illuminates topics of broad public concern—ranging from climate change and growing social inequality to the unanticipated risks posed by new technologies. Other speakers may be working on projects of no immediate utility but which instead challenge our imagination and expand our sense of the possible. Some of these visiting experts will be anthropologists, but disciplinary identity is of less concern to SAR than is a demonstrated ability to communicate fresh ideas effectively. This initiative will complement but not replace SAR’s longstanding commitment to programming focused on the history and diverse cultures of the Southwest.

We are grateful to donors of SAR’s Founders’ Society who made a significant investment to help launch this program in 2017.

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