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By Sarah Soliz, SAR Press Director

As someone who works remotely most of the time, I always appreciate the chance to meet SAR Press authors and share updates on current book projects or hear more about ongoing research. The American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting is one of the best places for these conversations, and this year was no different. While in Vancouver last November, I learned about Julie Armin’s work with Native people in Arizona who are fighting cancer and navigating the fragmented health-care system. I heard from Peter Whiteley about restoring the Northwest Coast Hall of the American Museum of Natural History, which was originally designed by Franz Boas. I listened to Erica James describe the difficulties of working in Haiti. And of course I met other scholars whose work I would love to help develop and publish.

Erica Caple James with her new edited volume, Governing Gifts.

Julie Armin with her new co-edited book, Negotiating Structural Vulnerability in Cancer Control.

For the first time, SAR Press participated in the AAA’s Celebration of Authors, and we hosted a book signing that featured our most recent publications. Sarah Besky and Alex Blanchette joined us to sign copies of How Nature Works, published in September, as did Chris Ball, whose Exchanging Words came out last fall. We chatted over salmon toasts and pulled the shrink-wrap from new books while sea planes took off and landed outside the convention center. I’m already looking forward to hosting next year’s authors and to making more of those connections that only develop through conversation with friends and colleagues.

Some of you I will be e-mailing over the course of the coming year; others, I hope to see—or meet—next year in Saint Louis.


Photos from the 2019 AAA Celebration of Authors and SAR Press book signing:



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