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Villages of Hispanic New Mexico

Text and photographs by Nancy Hunter Warren

Nancy Hunter Warren trained her camera on scenes rarely witnessed by outsiders-a Penitente service, the blessing of a ditch, feast days, religious processions, the interiors of houses and village churches. Her photographs, taken between 1973 and 1985, preserve a valuable record of rapidly vanishing traditions in the remote Hispanic villages of New Mexico.

Nancy Hunter Warren has been staff photographer for the Museum of New Mexico’s Laboratory of Anthropology since 1974. Her work has been widely published and exhibited in the Southwest.

1987. 128 pp., 93 black-and-white illustrations, references, 8.5 x 11

Contributors: Nancy Hunter Warren

“It is a book that deserves a place on any bookshelf, not merely to inform us of the northern Hispanic villages, but of a respect for life and for the Earth, which so many of us seem to have forgotten.”
—Bruce Woodford, The Santa Fe Reporter, 6 April 1988

“In this beautifully illustrated book, Nancy Hunter Warren documents the rapidly disappearing ways of life in New Mexico’s small Hispanic villages… The book is well written and quite readable … [and] provides valuable documentation of … traditions and places.”
—Tori Adams, Farmington Daily Times, 15 April 1988

Villages of Hispanic New Mexico should be required reading for anyone wanting to settle in – or look beneath the surface of – northern New Mexico.”
—Kay Cordtz Roybal, Southwest Profile, July 1988

“Villages contains the clear, sharp, distilled essence of New Mexico’s secret heart, the embers of what was once the region’s dominant culture.”
—John Neary, Americana, April 1989

“In the context of anthropological research, this book provides a valuable historical portrait of a culturally unique and rapidly disappearing rural New Mexico… The work as a whole reflects a careful and competent assembling of facts and demonstrates the author’s abiding respect for the lifestyles of those researched.”
—Lynne Spriggs, The Clarion, Museum of American Folk Art, Winter 1989

“[Villages of Hispanic New Mexico] is a remarkable achievement which blends first-rate historical and anthropological scholarship with empathetic and arrestingly beautiful photography… Nancy Hunter Warren is to be congratulated on producing a beautiful and important work which meets the most rigorous standards of scholarship and yet is informative and engrossing for even the casual reader.”
—Herbert J. Ryan, Ethnic Forum 11, no. 1, 1991


  1. History
  2. The People
  3. The Church
  4. The Village
  5. The Landscape
  6. Los Hermanos
  7. Making a Living
  8. Feast Days