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March 3–4, 2015

Chaco and Cahokia: Histories, Landscapes, and Hinterlands

Co-chaired by Danielle Benden, Senior Curator of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison and Brenda K. Todd, Project Manager/Cultural Resource Specialist, Denver Service Center – Planning Division, National Park Service

This seminar convened to evaluate the current state of research and theoretical issues for Chaco and Cahokia, their respective hinterlands, and to lay the groundwork for a truly continental archaeology by considering connections to Mesoamerica.

October 6–8, 2015

Transformations in Social Citizenship: Stratification, Risk and Responsibility in Health Care Reform

Co-chaired by Heide Castañeda, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of South Florida and Jessica Mulligan, Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Providence College

By convening a network of medical anthropologists and allied social scientists who are actively researching the Affordable Care Act, the goal of the seminar was to assemble a more holistic, comparative portrait of the law that is richer than what any one researcher could produce in isolation and is attuned to the complex experiences of implementation that are often lost in quantitative and survey research.