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January 15–17, 2009

IHOPE—Maya: Tropical Sustainability from an Ancient Context

Chaired by Vernon L. Scarborough, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Cincinnati

Ten archaeologists interested in semitropical ecosystems and working primarily in the Maya Lowlands gathered to discuss what their data sets can tell us about the impact that early civilization had on the biophysical environment, as well as how such information can grant useful knowledge to humans living on an overexploited planet today.

October 28–29, 2009

Indian Subjects: New Directions in the History of Indigenous Education

Co-chaired by Brenda Child, Associate Professor, Department of American Studies, University of Minnesota and Brian R. Klopotek, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies Program, University of Oregon

This seminar brought together participants working on the next wave of scholarship in the history of indigenous education. One of the central tenets of the seminar is that multi-sited, multi-scaled, and comparative research will reveal an entirely new understanding of the field.