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Photo courtesy: Louie Garcia (Tiwa/Piro), the artist of this traditional Pueblo weaving.

The New Mexico Pueblo Fiber Arts Guild, in collaboration with the Poeh Cultural Center and School for Advanced Research (SAR), is pleased to announce the Twelfth Annual Pueblo Fiber Arts Show on Saturday, May 27, 2023, from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. The show will take place at the Poeh Cultural Center’s Plaza in the Pueblo of Pojoaque.

Organizers of the event invite everyone of all ages this Memorial Day weekend to meet and learn from Pueblo fiber artists who work in a variety of techniques such as weaving, embroidery, spinning, knitting, crochet, sewing, basketry, and more. Highlights of the day will include artists’ demonstrations, traditional dances featuring Pueblo textiles, and opportunities to learn more about and purchase quality creations.

“The Guild was established to help educate and help people understand the time and energy it takes to create a piece,” said Cris Velarde, Poeh’s cultural arts specialist and a member of the New Mexico Pueblo Fiber Arts Guild. “During the show you’ll notice that each artist has a different technique and style. Our vendors demonstrate their craftsmanship to the public.”

Historically, the show has been held at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque. This year, Guild co-founders Louie Garcia and Christopher Lewis decided to partner with SAR and the Poeh Center to host the celebration on Tewa lands.

“This is SAR’s first year being formally involved with the Guild. We are very excited to have the opportunity help celebrate such an important creative tradition,” said Elysia Poon, director of the Indian Arts Research Center at SAR.

According to Garcia, “The Guild was established as a means of providing a space and a market to promote Pueblo fiber arts and for artists to learn and share our work within the various Pueblo communities as well as educate our own Pueblo people as well as the general public on the antiquity and importance of this ancient art form. The Guild promotes the use of natural fibers such as yucca, cotton, and wool to create a variety of traditional textiles including but not limited to belts, sashes, kilts and mantas.”

Fiber artists participating in this show include: Ashley Aguilar, Jeremy Chino, Florine Darrell, Darold Honwisiwma, Stephanie R. Garcia, Melanie Garcia-Chavez, Melanie Gonzales, Isabel C. Gonzales, Suzanne Herrera Naranjo, Kyle Kootswatewa, Kateri Martinez, Evone Martinez, Leilanie Miller, Stephanie Oyenque, Redwing Shirley Pino, Erwin Pino, Lloyd Suina, Mary R. Toledo, Alena Vallo, Shawn Vallo, Cris Velarde, Brian Romereau, Ramona Wanya, Suzanne Herrera Naranjo, Norma Fragua, Charlene Reano, Malinda Lovato, Rsndi Ashley Begaye, Andrew Harvier, Arlene Aguilar, Bobby Silas, Dolores Coochyamptewa, Austin Coochyamptewa, Louie Garcia, Miahuatl Garcia Domingo, and Tahipab Garcia Domingo.