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John Arroyo

John Arroyo

SAR’s academic board members continue to win major fellowships focused on innovative work in the public policy arena. John Arroyo, a recent SAR-Mellon Foundation Latinx Resident Scholar and now a member of SAR’s board of directors, has been named a 2022-2023 Public Engagement Fellow by the Whiting Foundation of New York. Arroyo’s project, Casa y Comunidad: Latinx Housing in Oregon, will create a series of short documentary films about the housing experience of Latinx workers in Oregon. According to the Whiting Foundation’s award statement, the fellowship judges “were impressed by the deeply collaborative nature of the project; the robust plan to share the series with housing policymakers, thus injecting history into public discussions about the present; and the strength of the collaboration with the Oregon Department of Education . . . .” Additional details are available on the page announcing Arroyo’s fellowship project.

John Arroyo is an assistant professor in the University of Oregon’s School of Planning, Public Policy & Management.

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