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Guest post by Jean and John Berghoff.


New to membership in 2021 and seeking opportunities to better understand the Native American history and culture of this New Mexican land we now call home, we joined two fall SAR field trips: the Archaeology of Arroyo Hondo and Tewa Pathways from Tsankawi to Pojoaque.

The Archaeology of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo field trip, September 2021.

Both excursions were exceptional, illuminating, and well-planned—the casual but scholarly presentations significantly enhanced by the chance to meet interesting persons from the Santa Fe community, all intent on learning more about this area and its history.

Of special significance to us, we had hiked numerous times on or near the sites explored, and to travel them with accomplished guides added important perspectives of history and spirit far beyond what we could have understood without assistance. In both instances, the archaeologists Jason Shapiro and Joseph Aguilar taught generously with passion, depth, and a sense of honor. It was for us a spiritual as well as an educational adventure.

Tijeras Pueblo Archaeological Site

Tewa Pathways from Tsankawi to Pojoaque field trip, October 2021.


Overall, these SAR-sponsored outings were educational and enjoyable—a wonderful combination.

November 11, 2021