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Trumpism, Mexican America, and the Struggle for Latinx Citizenship

Edited by Phillip B. Gonzales, Renato Rosaldo, and Mary Louise Pratt

For Latinx people living in the United States, Trumpism represented a new phase in the old struggle to achieve a sense of belonging and full citizenship. Throughout their history in the United States, people of Mexican descent have been made to face the question of how they do or do not belong to the American social fabric and polity. Structural inequality, dispossession, and marginalized citizenship make up an old story for Mexican Americans, and this story is a foundational one. This volume situates a new phase of presidential politics in relation to what went before and asks what new political possibilities emerged from this dramatic chapter in our history. What role did anti-Mexicanism and attacks on Latinx people and their communities play in Trump’s political rise and presidential practices? Driven by the overwhelming political urgency of the moment, the contributors to this volume seek to frame Trumpism’s origins and political effects.

2021. 256 pp., 6 x 9, 2 graphs

Editors: Phillip B. Gonzales, Renato Rosaldo, Mary Louise Pratt

Contributors: Cristina Beltrán, Alyshia Gálvez, Michelle García, Tomás R. Jiménez, Davíd Montejano, Ángela Valenzuela, Arely M. Zimmerman

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“This is clearly a ‘must-read’ anthology for scholars of Latinx Studies and Ethnic Studies, and for everyone interested in gaining a more nuanced understanding of the consequences of the Trump years, and of Trumpism for the ongoing struggles of Mexican Americans, Latinxs, and other people of color for inclusion, citizenship and belonging in US society.”
—Suzanne Oboler, author of Ethnic Labels, Latino Lives: Identity and Politics of (Re)Presentation in the United States


Phillip B. Gonzales, Renato Rosaldo, and Mary Louise Pratt

Chapter One. Meta-violence, Expulsive Nationalism, and Trumpism’s Crackdown on Mexican America
Phillip B. Gonzales

Chapter Two. To Wield and Exceed the Law: Mexicans, Migration, and the Dream of Herrenvolk Democracy
Cristina Beltrán

Chapter Three. Deconstructing Trumpism: Lessons from the Recent Past and for the Near Future
Davíd Montejano

Chapter Four. Reckoning with the Gaze
Michelle García

Chapter Five. Artist versus Ideologue: Two American Dystopias
Renato Rosaldo

Chapter Six. I Won’t Tell My Story: Narrative Capital and Refusal among Undocumented Activists in the Trump Era
Alyshia Gálvez

Chapter Seven. How Did We Get Here? Central Americans and Immigration Policy from Reagan to Trump
Arely M. Zimmerman

Chapter Eight. This Too Shall Pass: Mexican-Immigrant Replenishment and Trumpism
Tomás R. Jiménez

Chapter Nine. Decolonizing Citizenship: The Movement for Ethnic Studies in Texas
Ángela Valenzuela

Mary Louise Pratt, Renato Rosaldo, and Phillip B. Gonzales

List of Contributors