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March 10 – 14, 2019

The Shifting Terrain of Citizenship Among People of Mexican Origin in the United States

Co-chaired by Phillip Gonzales, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of New Mexico, Renato Rosaldo, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Anthropology and Social & Cultural Analysis, New York University, and Mary Louise Pratt, Professor Emerita, Department of Social & Cultural Analysis, New York University

When this seminar convenes, Donald Trump’s administration will have run two-thirds of the way through its term.  How will it affect people of Mexican heritage?  Will undocumented migrants be pushed further into the shadows?  Will a conservative populism impinge on Mexican American citizenship? Or, will a climate of unity and diminishment of prejudice appear as called for in the president’s inauguration speech?  The seminar will bring together 10 of the leading scholars in Mexican/Mexican American standing in the U.S. citizenship framework to examine how citizenship is faring for Mexican Americans under the Trump presidency.

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April 7 – 11, 2019

Ethnographies of Contestation and Resilience in Latinx America

Co-chaired by Alex E. Chavez, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame and Gina M. Perez, Professor, Department of Comparative American Studies, Oberlin College

Today, as in the past, Latinx communities are contesting multiple forms of cultural and structural violence, which have greatly intensified in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election. What can we learn from long-term dissent, contestation, and social activism in relation to the Trump administration’s polarized politics? How are the presidential policies and nativist discourse affecting Latinxs? And how do ethnographic approaches (as opposed to other methods) help us understand how this historical moment is new and how activists are pivoting or reshaping their enduring resistance strategies? This seminar brings together scholars whose ethnographic work explores these and other questions of contestation and resilience.

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