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May 20–23, 1996

Archeological Research on the Pajarito Plateau: Present and Future

James N. Hill, Co-Chair
University of California at Los Angeles

Robert P. Powers, Co-Chair
National Park Service

October 13–17, 1996

Evolution of Language

Barbara King, Chair
Department of Anthropology
College of William and Mary

Recent studies of nonhuman primates suggest that monkeys and apes have semantic, representational, and possibly symbolic communication. This advanced seminar was convened to apply an evolutionary perspective to the question of language development.

November 3–7, 1996

Material Culture: Habitats and Values

Fred R. Myers, Co-Chair
Department of Anthropology
New York University

Annette B. Weiner, Co-Chair
Department of Anthropology
New York University

Participants from the U.S., England, and Australia discussed recent research in several intersecting arenas of material culture: exchange theory, the movement of objects in a cultural hierarchy from things to fine art, and the circulation of objects between cultures.