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May 7–11, 1995

Every Picture Tells a Story: Visual Anthropology at the Crossroads

Jay Ruby, Co-Chair Temple University
Paul Stoller, Co-Chair West Chester University
August 13–17, 1995

The Evolution of Behavioral Ontogeny

Jonas Langer, Co-Chair Department of Psychology University of California at Berkeley
Michael L. McKinney, Co-Chair Department of Geology University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Sue Taylor Parker, Co-Chair Department of Anthropology Sonoma State University
A diverse group of participants, ranging from biological anthropologists and evolutionary biologists to psycholinguists, cognitive neuroscientists, and comparative and developmental psychologists, gathered for a week of discussion on the evolution of human cognitive development.
October 8–12, 1995

History in Person: The Mutual Constitution of Endemic Struggles and Enduring Identities

Begoña Aretxaga, Co-Chair Department of Anthropology Harvard University
Dorothy Holland, Co-Chair Department of Anthropology University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jean Lave, Co-Chair Graduate School of Education University of California at Berkeley
All over the world there are places where social relations and the persons situated in them are disputed, unsettled, unresolved, “unfinished.” This seminar examined the relationships between these enduring social struggles and the identities that are forged in them.
October 29–November 2, 1995

Nursing Home Ethnography

Philip B. Stafford, Chair Senior Health Services Bloomington, IN Hospital
Ten scholars, all of whom have conducted ethnographic research in nursing homes, gathered at the School in the fall of 1995 to develop a cultural model of the nursing home institution.