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February 22–26, 1982

The Hopi Indians

Richard Clemmer, Co-Chair
Fred Eggan, Co-Chair

March 8–12, 1982

Black Mesa Culture Change

George J. Gumerman, Chair
Southern Illinois University

March 22–26, 1982

Collapse of Ancient Civilizations

George L. Cowgill, Co-Chair
Brandeis University
Norman Yoffee, Co-Chair
University of Arizona

October 18–22, 1982

After the Fall: New Perspectives on the Postclassic Period in the Maya Lowlands

E. Wyllys Andrews, Co-Chair
Tulane University
Jeremy A. Sabloff, Co-Chair
University of New Mexico

November 15–19, 1982

Dreams in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Barbara Tedlock, Chair
Tufts University