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Bertin M. Louis, Jr.


Wenner-Gren Fellow

Affiliation at time of award:
Associate Professor, Anthropology
University of Kentucky

Paulla Ebron, SAR Wenner-Gren Fellow, 2022-2023

Bertin M. Louis, Jr.
Photo courtesy of Bertin M. Louis, Jr.

Anti-Haitianism in Paradise: Marginalization, Stigma and Antiblackness in the Bahamas

In his book project, Dr. Louis presents a study about the historical foundation and the contemporary realities of discrimination, stigma, and xenophobia against Haitians in the Bahamas. By studying local transformations in the Bahamas pertaining to its Haitian population, Louis offers a greater understanding of the adoption of anti-Haitianism as a political and nation-building strategy for the Bahamas and how antiblackness operates among people of African descent nationally, regionally and globally.