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Paul Ryer
Photo courtesy of Paul Ryer


Staff Scholar — 2016 to Present

Dr. Paul Ryer received his PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of Chicago. Professor Ryer has conducted long-term research in Cuba (where he was affiliated with the University of Havana) and its diasporas. Before coming to SAR, he taught at both Williams College, Mount Holyoke College, and UC–Riverside.

The Rise and Decline of La Yuma: Global Symbols, Local Meanings, and Remittance Circuits in Post-Soviet Cuba (PDF, 857 KB)
The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology

The Maine, the Romney and the Threads of Conspiracy in Cuba (PDF, 1 MB)
International Journal of Cuban Studies

Immigration and its Effects (PDF, 131 KB)
Latin American Research Review

The Hyphen-Nation of Cuban-Educated Africans: Rethinking the ‘1.5 Generation’ Paradigm (PDF, 7 MB)
International Journal of Cuban Studies

Beyond Cuban Waters
Africa, La Yuma, and the Island’s Global Imagination
By Paul Ryer
Vanderbilt University Press

Beyond Cuban Waters: Africa, La Yuma, and the Island’s Global Imagination

“Focusing on the everyday world of ordinary Cubans, this book examines Cuban understandings of the world and of Cuba’s place in it, especially as illuminated by two contrasting notions: ‘La Yuma,’ a distinctly Cuban concept of the American experience, and ‘África,’ the ideological understanding of that continent’s experience. Ryer takes us into the homes of Cuban families, out to the streets and nightlife of bustling cities, and on boat journeys that reach beyond the typical destinations, all to better understand the nature of the cultural life of a nation.”