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View the video recording here

The Creative Thought Forum Linda S. Cordell Lecture was conducted online this year resulting in live event viewership from 360 computer, tablet, and smartphone screens. Add to that the over 700 views of the recorded video on SAR’s YouTube channel in only one week, and we have record-breaking attendance for a Creative Thought Forum event! The topic attracting so much interest is a presentation about an ancient trackway of human footprints dating to the Last Glacial Maximum at White Sands National Park in New Mexico.

Three people with direct experience on-site with the famed footprints at White Sands presented their research to an online audience last week. Matthew Bennett, PhD, (Bournemouth University, UK), David Bustos (White Sands National Park), and Vance Holliday, PhD, (University of Arizona) showed images of human and megafauna footprints, described analysis and dating processes, and illustrated stories “told” by the trackways.

Be sure to see the animated fight between humans and giant ground sloth!