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The School for American Research (SAR) started the Santa Fe Indian Market one hundred years ago this September. SAR’s first director, Edgar Lee Hewett, spearheaded the effort and printed a statement in the Santa Fe New Mexican on June 27, 1922.  He wrote: “The objects of the exhibition are the encouragement of Native arts; to revive old arts, and to keep the arts of each tribe and pueblo as distinct as possible; the establishment and locating of markets for all Indian products; the securing of reasonable prices; authenticity of all handicraft offered for sale.” The first of its kind, the Southwest Indian Fair featured artists across seven states, and included Julian and Maria Martinez, the celebrated potters of San Ildefonso Pueblo, who won a substantial monetary prize for their work.

Today, the School for Advanced Research (SAR) continues its tradition of collaboration with Native artists. A number of past SAR Artist Fellows are showing their work at the 2022 Santa Fe Indian Market. Come visit them at their booths as listed below. Follow the link to see where they are on the map: https://swaia.org/map/

Marla Allison, LIN E 730
Loren Aragon, PLZ 26
Venancio Aragon, SFT E 523
Nanibaa Beck, PAL N 246
Hollis Chitto, LIN E 724
Randy Chitto, LIN E 724
Aric Chopito, FR S 326
Dawn Dark Mountain, LIN W 722
Max Early, PAL S 239
Carol Emarthle-Douglas, SFT P 525
Juanita Growing Thunder Fogarty, WA W 417
Cliff Fragua, LIN E 752
Lorraine Gala Lewis, PLZ 14
Jason Garcia, POG 123
Connie Gaussoin, PLZ 74
Wayne Gaussoin, LIN E 762
Isabel Gonzales, PAL S 215
Teri Greeves, LIN E 731
Estella Loretto, MAR 800
Jonathan Loretto, LIN E 718
Glenda McKay, PAL N 221
Angie Owen, WA E 408
Franklin Peters, WA E 413
Gerry Quotskuywa, PAL S 236
Mateo Romero, LIN E 739
Geneva Shabi, PAL S 211
Lonnie Vigil, PAL 272
Adrian Wall, LIN E 743
Kathleen Wall, PLZ 29A

Presented in partnership with the Indigenous Celebration 2022.

Image above: Objects exhibited at the Southwest Indian Fair. Lewis, Nancy Owen and Kay Leigh Hagan, A Peculiar Alchemy: A Centennial History of SAR 1907-2007, p. 34.