Melvin Sarracino

2014, November 13–14
Conservation Seminar III, Group PhotoIARC SeminarConservation Seminar lllA third seminar in the Collaborative Conservation of Indigenous Collections series was held at the SAR IARC November 13-14, 2014. The seminar was organized to plan an April 2015 pilot workshop on the collaborative conservation and collections stewardship to be held at the Haakú Museum in Acoma Pueblo. Collaborative planning of the workshop included tribal museum leaders, conservators, and collections-based museum staff.
2013, November 11–13
Conservation Seminar IIARC SeminarConservation Seminar IFor the first time, leading conservators of indigenous collections from museums across the US, Canada, and New Zealand gathered at the Indian Arts Research Center on Nov. 11–13, 2013, to address timely and critical issues in the field of conservation and collections stewardship with other museum professionals, including tribal museum directors, curators, artists, and collections managers.
Melvin SarracinoAnne Ray Intern

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