Marilyn Strathern

2012, October 26–28
Fieldwork in PhilosophyShort SeminarFieldwork in PhilosophyLegend has it that when a discipline is in crisis, it invariably turns to philosophy. While such claims tend to contain a grain of truth, the organizers of this short seminar saw the current “philosophical turn” in anthropology very differently—as a move that marks a broader set of emergent realignments in anthropology’s approach to how concepts operate in the world. Rather than seeing this as a moment of anthropology in crisis, this seminar explored it as a vital, generative moment of possible synergy between the two disciplines.
Other IntentionsSAR Press PublicationOther Intentions: Cultural Contexts and the Attribution of Inner StatesThe authors argue that although intentionality might appear to be a wholly abstract phenomenon, it is deeply entwined with the nature and distribution of power, the portrayal of events, the assessment of personhood, the interplay of trust and deception, and the assessment of moral and legal responsibility.

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