Duane Slick

2010 Ronald and Susan Dubin Native Artist Fellow

Duane SlickDuane Slick2010 Ronald and Susan Dubin FellowDuane Slick2010 Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow

Mesqwaki painter Duane Slick began his fellowship at SAR in June 2010. His current body of work features black-and-white photo-realist paintings on linen and glass that serve as meditations indirectly commemorating the passing of his parents. A professor of painting and printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design, Slick used his time at SAR to produce several paintings based on his research in the IARC collections. The research helped to clarify and specify the role of the iconography developing in his work.

Before the start of his fellowship, when asked how it might benefit him, Slick responded, “I do believe that art is not created in a vacuum, and the opportunity provided by the IARC is to both incubate and challenge the space and silence of professional studio practice. The IARC fellowship would place me in a charged environment where I can take to a community of peers a discussion and a set of ideas that would benefit from finding common ground.”

Artist Duane Slick Shadow Tracing a Warrior Mouse Carved Figure (3-D)Artist Duane Slick Shadow Tracing a Warrior Mouse Carved Figure (3-D)Courtesy of Jason S. Ordaz. Request a free pair of 3-D glasses.
Artist Duane Slick Shadow Tracing a Warrior Mouse Carved Figure (3-D)
ImprintingImprintingDuane Slick (Mesqwaki). “Imprinting,” 2009. Acrylic on glass; 19” x 15”. Courtesy of the artist.

Slick has been featured in many exhibitions nationwide. Some of his solo exhibitions have been The Paths of My Fathers, at the Nielsen Gallery in Boston, Critical Distance, at the Bannister Gallery in Providence, and Instructions on the Care and Use of White Space, at the Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco. Group exhibitions include Unlimited Boundaries: Dichotomy of Place in Contemporary Native American Art, at the Albuquerque Museum of Art and Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, and the national traveling exhibit Changing Hands: Art without Reservations, Part II. His recent awards include the National Native Master Artist Initiative Grant from Evergreen State College in 2010.

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