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The Valley of Mexico

Studies in Pre-Hispanic Ecology and Society

Edited by Eric R. Wolf

The chapters in this volume present an important contemporary interpretation of the cultural and archaeological legacy of the Valley of Mexico, a rich and ancient place where the presence of the past is all around. The contributors apply a powerful explanatory model for the development of civilization in terms of environment, population growth, food production, settlement, social differentiation and hierarchy, along with the importance of local and regional interactions involving trade.

1976. 352 pp., 16 figures, 20 maps, 12 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Richard E. Blanton, Edward E. Calnek, Richard A. Diehl, Michael H. Logan, René Millon, Jeffrey R. Parsons, Barbara J. Price, William T. Sanders, Eric R. Wolf

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  1. Introduction
    Eric R. Wolf
  2. A Chronological Framework for Cultural Development in Mesoamerica
    Barbara J. Price
  3. Chronological and Developmental Terminology: Why They Must Be Divorced
    René Millon
  4. The Model
    Michael H. Logan and William T. Sanders
  5. The Natural Environment of the Basin of Mexico
    William T. Sanders
  6. Settlement and Population History of the Basin of Mexico
    Jeffrey R. Parsons
  7. The Agricultural History of the Basin of Mexico
    William T. Sanders
  8. Summary and Conclusions
    William T. Sanders, Jeffrey R. Parsons, and Michael H. Logan
  9. The Role of Symbiosis in Adaptation and Sociocultural Change in the Valley of Mexico
    Richard E. Blanton
  10. Social Relations in Ancient Teotihuacán
    René Millon
  11. Pre-Hispanic Relationships between the Basin of Mexico and North and West Mexico
    Richard A. Diehl
  12. The Internal Structure of Tenochtitlan
    Edward E. Calnek
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