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The Origins of Maya Civilization


Edited by Richard E. W. Adams

The contributors to this book scrutinize the data, survey external influences on the early Maya, and consider economics, ecology, demography, and warfare – as well as social and ideological factors – in explaining the transformation of Maya culture from a village-oriented society to one centered on elite classes living in large civic centers with monumental architecture.

1977. 482 pp., 6 maps, 31 figures, 10 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Richard E. W. Adams, Joseph W. Ball, Michael D. Coe, T. Patrick Culbert, Norman Hammond, Gareth W. Lowe, Robert McC. Netting, Jacinto Quirarte, Robert L. Rands, William L. Rathje, William T. Sanders, David L. Webster, Gordon R. Willey

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  1. The Origins Of Civilization In The Maya Lowlands
    Richard E. W. Adams And T. Patrick Culbert
  2. Early Maya Development At Tikal, Guatemala
    T. Patrick Culbert
  3. Ex Oriente Lux: A View From Belize
    Norman Hammond
  4. Rio Bec Archaeology And The Rise Of Maya Civilization
    Richard E. W. Adams
  5. The Rise Of The Northern Maya Chiefdoms: A Socioprocessual Analysis
    Joseph W. Ball
  6. The Rise Of Classic Maya Civilization: A PasiÓN Valley Perspective
    Gordon R. Willey
  7. The Rise Of Classic Maya Civilization In The Northwestern Zone: Isolation And Integration
    Robert L. Rands
  8. Olmec And Maya: A Study In Relationships
    Michael D. Coe
  9. The Mixe-Zoque As Competing Neighbors Of The Early Lowland Maya
    Gareth W. Lowe
  10. Early Art Styles Of Mesoamerica And Early Classic Maya Art
    Jacinto Quirarte
  11. Environmental Heterogeneity And The Evolution Of Lowland Maya Civilization
    William T. Sanders
  12. Maya Subsistence: Mythologies, Analogies, Possibilities
    Robert Mcc. Netting
  13. Warfare And The Evolution Of Maya Civilization
    David L. Webster
  14. The Tikal Connection
    William L. Rathje
  15. The Rise Of Maya Civilization: A Summary View
    Gordon R. Willey

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