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The Dying Community


Edited by Art Gallaher, Jr. and Harland Padfield

This book is a thorough exploration of the decline of the little community in the face of urbanization, industrialization, and bureaucratization. Developing a conceptual and theoretical framework for examining community decline and dissolution, the book looks at the relationships between the dying community and its natural resource base, the role of outside political authority, and the social and demographical processes associated with community decline.

1980. 320 pp., 1 map, 1 figure, 2 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: William Y. Adams, Alvin L. Bertrand, Marion Clawson, Art Gallaher Jr., Hannah Levin, David B. Looff, Harland Padfield, Diane Quantic, Wayne Rohrer, Arthur J. Vidich, Mary Wylie

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  1. Theory of the Dying Community
    Art Gallaher, Jr. and Harland Padfield
  2. The Dead Community: Perspectives from the Past
    William Y. Adams
  3. The Dying Community: The Natural Resource Base
    Marion Clawson
  4. Dependence on External Authority and the Decline of Community
    Art Gallaher, Jr.
  5. Revolutions in Community Structure
    Arthur J. Vidich
  6. Social and Demographic Processes of Declining Nonmetropolitan Communities in the Middle West
    Wayne Rohrer and Diane Quantic
  7. The Expendable Rural Community and the Denial of Powerlessness
    Harland Padfield
  8. Ethnic and Social Class Minorities in the Dying Small Community
    Alvin L. Bertrand
  9. Growing Up in a Dying Community
    David H. Looff
  10. The Dying Community as a Human Habitat for the Elderly
    Mary Wylie
  11. The Struggle for Community Can Create Community
    Hannah Levin
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