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The Classic Maya Collapse


Edited by T. Patrick Culbert

Of the many mysteries surrounding ancient Maya civilization, none has attracted greater interest than its collapse in the eighth and ninth centuries AD. Until recently, speculations on the causes of the collapse have been more numerous than excavated sites in the area. But the past twenty-five years have produced many new findings. In this book, thirteen leading scholars use new data to revise the image of ancient Maya civilization and create a new model of its collapse—a general model of sociopolitical collapse not limited to the cultural history of the Maya alone.

1973. 572 pp., figures, maps, tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Richard E. W. Adams, E. Wyllys Andrews IV, William R. Bullard Jr., T. Patrick Culbert, John A. Graham, Robert L. Rands, William L. Rathje, Jeremy A. Sabloff, William T. Sanders, Frank P. Saul, Demitri B. Shimkin, Malcom C. Webb, Gordon R. Willey

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  1. Introduction: A Prologue to Classic Maya Culture and the Problem of Its Collapse
    T. Patrick Culbert
  2. The Collapse of Maya Civilization: A Review of Previous Theories
    Richard E. W. Adams
  3. Major Themes in the Past Hypotheses of the Maya Collapse
    Jeremy A. Sabloff
  4. The Classic Collapse in the Southern Maya Lowlands: Chronology
    Robert L. Rands
  5. The Maya Downfall at Tikal
    T. Patrick Culbert
  6. Certain Aspects of the Late Classic to Postclassic Periods in the Belize Valley
    Gordon R. Willey
  7. Continuity and Disruption During Terminal Late Classic Times at Seibal: Ceramic and Other Evidence
    Jeremy A. Sabloff
  8. Maya Collapse: Transformation and Termination in the Ceramic Sequence at Altar de Sacrificios
    Richard E. W. Adams
  9. The Classic Maya Collapse: Usumacinta Zone and the Northwestern Periphery
    Robert L. Rands
  10. Aspects of Non-Classic Presences in the Inscriptions and Sculptural Art of Seibal
    John A. Graham
  11. Postclassic Culture in Central Peten and Adjacent British Honduras
    William R. Bullard Jr.
  12. The Development of Maya Civilization After Abandonment of the Southern Cities
    E. Wyllys Andrews IV
  13. Models for the Downfall: Some Ecological and Culture-Historical Considerations
    Demitri B. Shimkin
  14. Disease in the Maya Area: The Pre-Columbian Evidence
    Frank P. Saul
  15. The Cultural Ecology of the Lowland Maya: A Reevaluation
    William T. Sanders
  16. The Peten Mayan Decline Viewed in the Perspective of State Formation
    Malcom C. Webb
  17. Classic Maya Development and Denouement: A Research Design
    William L. Rathje
  18. The Maya Collapse: A Summary View
    Gordon R. Willey and Demitri B. Shimkin

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