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The Bright Angel Site


Edited by Aubrey Baadsgaard, Alexis T. Boutin, and Jane E. Buikstra

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1979. 114 pp., figures, maps, tables, appendices, references, 6 x 9

Contributors: Jane Kepp, Michael P. Marshall, Douglas W. Schwartz

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  1. Introduction
    Archaeological Background
    The Bright Angel Project
  2. Ecology
    The Contemporary Environment
    The Prehistoric Environment
  3. Site Description
    First Occupation
    Second Occupation
    Construction Sequence
  4. Ceramics
    The Ceramic Collection
    Ceramic Chronology
  5. Lithic Artifacts
    Chipped Stone
    Ground Stone
    Miscellaneous Lithic Artifacts
  6. Discussion and Conclusions
    Settlement Location
    Initial Occupation
    Second Occupation
    Cultural Reconstruction
    Bright Angel and the Pattern of Grand Canyon Prehistory
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