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The Archaeology of Lower Central America


Edited by Fredrick W. Lange and Doris Z. Stone

This book provides a much-needed overview of the archaeological past, present, and future of lower Central America. It addresses questions such as why the region never produced complex societies like its neighbors to the north and south and takes up themes such as ecological adaptation and subsistence, trade, and sociopolitical development.

1984. 490 pp., 12 maps, 49 figures, 9 tables, 10 appendices, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Warwick Bray, Richard Cooke, Robert P. Drolet, Wolfgang Haberland, Paul F. Healy, Frederick W. Lange, Robert J. Sharer, Payson D. Sheets, M. J. Snarskis, Doris Z. Stone, Gordon R. Willey

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  1. Introduction
    Frederick W. Lange and Doris Z. Stone
  2. A History of Lower Central American Archaeology
    Doris Z. Stone
  3. Cultural Geography of Pre-Columbian Lower Central America
    Frederick W. Lange
  4. Lower Central America as Seen from Mesoamerica
    Robert J. Sharer
  5. The Prehistory of El Salvador: An Interpretive Summary
    Payson D. Sheets
  6. The Archaeology of Honduras
    Paul F. Healy
  7. The Greater Nicoya Archaeological Subarea
    Frederick W. Lange
  8. Central America: The Lower Caribbean
    M.J. Snarkskis
  9. The Archaeology of Greater Chiriqui
    Wolfgang Haberland
  10. A Note on Southwestern Costa Rica
    Robert P. Drolet
  11. Archaeological Research in Central and Eastern Panama: A Review of Some Problems
    Richard Cooke
  12. Across the Darien Gap: A Colombian View of Isthmian Archaeology
    Warwick Bray
  13. A Summary of the Archaeology of Lower Central America
    Gordon R. Willey
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