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The Anasazi in a Changing Environment

Edited by George J. Gumerman

The contributors to this book seek to reconstruct the past environment of the North American Southwest using geological and botanical remains, particularly the evidence from tree rings. Archaeological predictions about the ways in which the Anasazi (ancestral Pueblo) would react under certain environmental and demographic conditions are matched over time against the reconstructed environment to provide an understanding of how human behavior is affected by the changing environment.

The book outlines a thousand-year chronicle of environmental and cultural history that provides an experimental baseline for explaining broad patterns of interaction between humans and their environment. It sets a new standard in archaeological research, and at the same time links the ancient past with the modern world around us in thought-provoking fashion.

1988. 342 pp., Figures, tables, maps, notes, references, index., 6 x 9

Contributors: Jeffrey S. Dean, Robert C. Euler, George J. Gumerman, Richard H. Hevly, Thor N. V. Karlstrom, Fred Plog, Shirley Powell

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List of illustrations
List of tables
Foreword by Jonathan Haas
Preface by George J. Gumerman

  1. A historical perspective on environment and culture in Anasazi country
    George J. Gumerman
  2. A model of Anasazi behavioral adaption
    Jeffrey S. Dean
  3. Alluvial chronology and hydrologic change of Black Mesa and nearby regions
    Thor N. V. Karlstrom</em
  4. Prehistoric vegetation and paleoclimates on the Colorado Plateaus
    Richard H. Hevly
  5. Dendrochronology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction on the Colorado Plateaus
    Christopher Jones
  6. Anasazi demographic patterns and organizational responses: assumptions and interpretive difficulties
    Shirley Powell
  7. Demography and cultural dynamics on the Colorado Plateau
    Robert C. Euler
  8. Anasazi adaptive strategies: the model, predictions, and results
    Fred Plog, George J. Gumerman, Robert C. Euler, Jeffrey S. Dean, Richard H. Hevly, and Thor N. V. Karlstrom
  9. Afterword
    George J. Gumerman
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