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Structure and Process in Latin America

Patronage, Clientage, and Power Systems

Edited by Arnold Strickon and Sidney M. Greenfield

This book provides analysis of social anthropology and approaches to the study of patronage and clientage from work done in Latin America in the late 1960s. Essays include discussions on topics as diverse as the effect of societal structures on the actions of individuals and communities wherein women play the roles of both patrons and clients.

1972. 270 pp., 13 figures, 6 tables, notes, references, index, 6 x 9

Contributors: Nancie L. Gonzalez, Sidney M. Greenfield, Dwight B. Heath, Esther Hermitte Jr., Robert W. Shirley, Arnold Strickon, William T. Stuart

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  1. The Analysis of Patron-Client Relationships: an Introduction
    Arnold Strickon And Sidney M. Greenfield
  2. The Explanation of Patron-Client Systems: Some Structural and Ecological Perspectives
    William T. Stuart
  3. Carlos Felipe: Kinsman, Patron, and Friend
    Arnold Strickon
  4. Charwomen, Cesspools, and Road Building: an Examination of Patronage, Clientage, and Political Power in Southeastern Minas Gerais
    Sidney M. Greenfield
  5. New Patrons For Old: Changing Patron-Client Relationships in tThe Bolivian Yungas
    Dwight B. Heath
  6. Patronage And Cooperation: An Analysis from Sao Paulo State
    Robert W. Shirley
  7. Ponchos, Weaving, and Patron-Client Relations in Northwest Argentina
    Esther Hermitte Jr.
  8. Patron-Client Relationships at the International Level
    Nancie L. Gonzalez
  9. On the Nonoccurrence of Patronage in San Miguel de Sema
    William T. Stuart

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