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Scott Ortman


Weatherhead Fellow

Affiliation at time of award:
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Colorado – Boulder

Scott Ortman

Coming Together: Pueblo History in the Pojoaque Valley

One of the most positive trends in US Southwest archaeology today is the growing emphasis on collaboration and partnership among archaeologists and Native community members. For the past six years, Ortman has been honored to be involved in one such partnership with the Pueblo of Pojoaque. Working together, project participants have learned important lessons regarding the potential of archaeology for tribal communities: how archaeologists and tribal members can work together as co-investigators; how such partnerships improve and decolonize archaeological practice; and how the incorporation of traditional knowledge leads to better archaeology in both its humanistic and social scientific dimensions. In the process, Ortman also took advantage of the opportunity to engage with Native philosophy and to understand the issues facing the Pojoaque community today. As a resident scholar, his book project will explore a key tension emerging from these experiences—the urge to incorporate Native culture into archaeological practice versus the urge to conduct research that is useful and relevant for Native people.

Generous funding for this Fellowship provided by the Weatherhead Endowment.